Visited For Pregnancy Check UpInfertility in Women

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I am a very old patient of Dr somna and I was there both at the time of infertility and then visiting now for pregnancy check up. She helped me a lot through that time when I was not able to conceive and then her consultation finally bring me to take a positive test. I am under her treatment for pregnancy now and so happy to be in safe hands. Thanks a lot doctor.

Visited For Pregnancy Check Up

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Somna mam is a very good and experienced doctor. ** **** *** ** *** **** ******* * **** **** ****** am blessed with two boys with god's grace and with the help of somna mam. i had never faced any kind of problem or complication under mam's treatment. My pregnancy went so well all because of mam. she takes care of her patient so well. she is just amazing. Her hardwork is inexplicable. i would recommend her Read More »

Visited For Copper T Insertion

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I can define her in single statements - she is not doctor but god for me...she delivered my second baby boy by C-sec.,no pain and no issues.. Recently going through tough situation where IUCD thread broken by Gurgaon based Gynae and she suggested for DNC.. I got scared and went to meet Somna man though far from my present place and she helped me to come out with that unbearable pain without DNC. Her motto Read More »