Mr. Sandeep Kumar :We feel fortunate to see such a great emotional journey to the birth our little lovely angel. A great consultant, caring, elderly but very friendly at the same time, highly positive, great attitude and best thing is always there for you at good as well as at hard times giving right advice help come through. We are very much thankful and feel blessed.”

 Mrs. Rama Dubey : “Truly a doctor with loads of positivity , experience and knows her job well . Can ignite a hopeless mind to positive direction . I had history of 2 failed IVFs and fabroid surgery but bcoz of her excellent consultation & positive attitude i conceived naturally and now have a wonderful daughter ( 8 months now) thanks a ton maam :-)”
Mrs. Sephali Sinha : “Had awesome experience to see our baby come to world along with you. Thank you so much.”
Mrs. Anita Kushwaha : “She is superb n excellent in her work…n she is also a lovely lady.”
Ms. Chetna Awasthi :  “She explains u of the problem very nicely and also motivates u to work towards getting rid of the problem”